The job alternation leave scheme is being discontinued

From the date of abolition, you will no longer be able to agree and start an alternation leave. You can continue to take any alternation leave agreed and started before the abolition.

You must make a written agreement with your employer about the job alternation leave and its duration. The alternation leave is based on voluntariness. Your employer may therefore refuse to grant you alternation leave.

The job alternation leave can last an uninterrupted period of 100 to 180 calendar days.


Your employer must hire a substitute for the duration of your leave, but not necessarily to the same job that you have done. The substitute mus be an unemployed job seeker with TE Office.

As a substitute can be hired a person who 

  • has been an unemployed jobseeker at the TE Office for at least 90 calendar days in the 14 months preceding your alternation leave  or
  • is under the age of 30 and has completed a vocational or university degree less than a year ago or
  • is under the age of 25 or over the age of 55 when your alternation leave begins.

The emloyment contract of the substitute must be submitted to the TE Office before the start of the alternation leave or immediately after the start of the leave.