If you think that the decision you received from the fund on your application is wrong, you can appeal to have it changed.

There is an appeal instruction attached to every decision the fund makes. In the instruction explains how to appeal against the decision to Sosiaaliturva-asioiden muutoksenhakulautakunta (Social Security Appels Board). However, the appeal must always be sent to the fund.

You can't directly appeal against a statement the TE Office has given. If you are unhappy with a statement the TE Office has given, you must apply for unemployment allowance from the fund and appeal against the decision that the fund makes based on the statement of the TE Office.

The appeal must arrive to the fund within 30 days from the day you were notified of the decision. If the decision was mailed to you, it is presumed that you have been notified of the decision on the seventh (7th) day after the mailing date on the decision. Therefore, you have 37 days from the date of mailing of the decision to turn in your appeal.

If the decision has been sent to you electronically, it is presumed that you have been notified of the decision on the day you have opened the decision.

The following information must be given in the appeal:

  • the decision (the number of decision) which you appeal against;
  • when you were notified of the decision;
  • what parts of the decision you want to be changes;
  • how you want the decision to be changes; 
  • the reasons why the decision should be changes;
  • your name, personal identity code, telephone number and address for sending mail and decisions about the rectification request.

You can send your appeal to the fund by post or electronically via WebKassa -service as a message or attachment. If you send the appeal by post, it must be sent so early, that the appeal arrives to the fund before the end of the time limit for appealing.

When the fund receives your appeal, we first examine it to see if the decision can be changes in the way you want it to be changes. If the decision can be amended, your application is re-processed, and an amended decision is sent to you.

If the decision can't be amended in the way you want it to be changes, the fund will forward your appeal and the funds statement about your appeal to the Sosiaaliturva-asioiden muutoksenhakulautakunta. Copies of all the documents sent to appeals board will be sent to you, and you may, if you wish, give your opinion on them directly to the appeals board. 

The decision of the appeals board can still be appeal to Vakuutusoikeus (Insurance Court). The appeal to the insurance court must also be sent to the fund which forward it to the court. The decision of the insurance court cannot be appealed.