Job Alternation Leave Ends on August 1, 2024

Parliament has approved the Government's proposal to abolish alternation leave. Alternation leave, which has allowed employees to take a leave of absence from their work for up to six months, will be abolished from 1.8.2024.

It is still possible to start alternation leave on 31.7.2024, and in that case, the leave can continue normally for the maximum period of 180 calendar days. The last alternation leaves will therefore end by the end of January next year. For the alternation leave to be considered started by 31.7.2024, the alternation agreement must be submitted to the TE Office by 31.7.2024. Additionally, the start date of the substitute's employment contract must be no later than 31.7.2024.

Alternation leave is agreed upon in writing between the employee and the employer. The employer commits to hiring a substitute who meets the criteria of an unemployed job seeker. The TE Office examines whether the conditions are met for both the person taking the alternation leave and the substitute. For this purpose, the TE Office needs the alternation agreement, a copy of the substitute's employment contract, and possibly a separate statement on unpaid absences and any business activities of the person taking the alternation leave.

During the alternation leave, alternation allowance is paid. The TE Office provides a statement on the right to alternation allowance to the unemployment fund. The final decision on the alternation allowance is made by the unemployment fund. The decision can be appealed.