Attachments are always required for the application. Requesting additional information will delay the handling of your application.

Pre-unemployment salary is needed

The amount of earnings-related daily allowance is calculated from the average of your salary during the latest 26 working weeks (equals six months) before unemployment or lay-off.

If your employer has not provided sufficient information about your income to the Incomes Register (Tulorekisteri), send to the fund all the salary statements (palkkalaskelma) for at least the last 6 months during which you have been working at least 18 hours per calendar week. If you have the slightest doubt about the sufficiency of the information provided to the Incomes Register, send your payslips to the fund. It is always better to have too much information than too little.
Read more about the information available on the Incomes Register.

Salary statements / payslips (palkkalaskelma) or a salary certificate written by payroll office (palkkatodistus) for the last 26 paid working weeks, should be sent to the fund at least, if you have during the last 6 months

  • been on unpaid leave (e.g. sick leave, parental leave, care leave)
  • done hourly work where weekly working hours have varied
  • received partial sickness allowance from Kela or you have been paid less than your normal salary due to an illness (e.g. 2/3 salary)

If you have been on partial care leave, alternation leave or you have received a partial invalidity pension, and you haven't been working for a minimum of 26 weeks after the leave / pension, you must send your salary information for the last 26 paid working weeks before the start of the leave / pension.

The time for which you have received partial sickness allowance from Kela or you have been paid less than your normal salary due to an illness, is not taken into account in the work requirement, even if the payment was based on at least 18 hours of weekly working time. These periods must therefore be excluded from the 26-week salary certificate (or be separable from the payslips).

Other necessary attachments

In addition to salary information, the following attachments are required for the application:

  • an employment contract (työsopimus) if your employment continues or you start a new job while unemployed
  • a salary statement / payslip (palkkalaskelma) of all salaries paid during the application period
  • a certificate of employment (työtodistus) if your employment has ended completely
  • a statement of weekly working hours, if you have not been working at least 18 hours each week or your working hours have varied from week to week.
  • a notice of termination of employment contract (irtisanomisilmoitus) if your contract was terminated
  • the tax decision of your latest confirmed personal taxation, if you or a member of your family has a business or income from agriculture of forestry during your period of unemployment.

Note! If you have submitted attachments or statements to the TE Office, please note, that they will not forward these to the fund.