Mobility allowance can't be paid, if

  • you resign from work or cause your work to end within 2 months of the beginning of employment
  • employment and payment of salary have been suspended for at least one full day
  • you receive salary for notice period or equivalent compensation
  • you receive salary for holiday that is based on full-time work
  • you receive a separate compensation based on an employment termination agreement with your employer
  • you receive rehabilitation allowance or rehabilitation subsidy
  • you receive maternity, paternity or parental allowance or you have been granted leave for pregnancy and childbirth or for the care of a child.
  • you receive special care allowance
  • you receive old-age pension or flexible partial old-age pension
  • you receive years-of-service pension after long work history that requires great effort

If your employment on which the mobility allowance is based ends before it has lasted two months, the mobility allowance paid to you will have to be paid back in full. Read more about recovery of overpayments.