If you are partially employed during unemployment or lay-off, the salary you are paid will affect the amount of your unemployment allowance.

You can receive adjusted unemployment allowance when you have income from

  • a part-time job (working hours max. 80% of full-time hours)
  • a full-time job that lasts no more than 2 weeks (so called gig job)
  • work, where your daily working hours have been reduced due to lay-off (read more about allowance during lay-off) or
  • part-time self-employment

Adjusted allowance is paid for five days per week, also for workdays.

Salary income affects the daily allowance of the application period during which the salary is paid. Thus, when salary is paid retrospectively, earned income may affect the daily allowance for a different period than during which the work was done.

The adjusted allowance is not paid for such application periods during which salary is paid for working hours more than of 80% of the working hours of a full-time employee.

You have no right to adjusted allowance,

  • if your working hours have been reduced on your own initiative or
  • you have entered into an agreement with your employer to reduce your working hours from what they originally where.