You can only be a member of one unemployment fund at a time. The unemployment insurance that you already have accumulated can be transferred from one unemployment fund to another if he change is made quickly enough.

The change of unemployment fund must be made within one month of leaving the previous fund. If you join a new unemployment fund within a month of leaving your old fund, the unemployment insurance you have already accumulated, will be transferred with you to the new fund (provided that hte membership fees of your old trade union / unemployment fund have been paid or an exemption from membership fees has been granted until the end of membership).

If you are not in paid employment when you are thinking of changing your trade union and unemployment fund, please note, that the membership of the new unemployment fund can start only when you start to work. Membership in a union alone never includes unemployment insurance. The unemployment insurance you have already accumulated will only remain valid, if you retain the membership of your old fund until you are able to become a member of the new fund (in addition to the new union).

If there is a break of more than a month between fund memberships (during which time you aren't a member of any fund), you will have to fullu re-accumulate your unemployment benefits during the membership of your new fund. This is not affected by union memberships.

To avoid breaks between memberships of the funds, it is always advisable to authorize the new fund to notify the old fund of your resignation. In that case, you will need to fill in the authorization section on the new funds membership application form. If you want to take care of your resignation yourself, only notify the old fund of your resignation when you have received confirmation of membership from your new fund.