The amount of earnings-related daily allowance is calculated from the average of your salary in the six months before unemployment or lay-off.

You can estimate the amount of your earnings-related allowance by using the allowance calculator at WebKassa-service.

Daily allowance is paid for five days a week (i.e. in practice from Monday to Friday), unless there is a special obstacle to payment. The number of compensation days to be paid per month varies (from 20 to 23) depending on how many Monday - Friday days there are in that month. You get the average gross monthly allowance by multiplying the amount of the daily allowance by 21,5.

The unemployment fund does not calculate the amount of the daily allowance in advance and does not provide estimates at all. The amount of the allowance is always calculated only in connection with the processing of the application and based on the salary statements attached to the application. You will receive a written decision on the amount of your daily allowance after your application has been processed.