Terveydenhuoltoalan työttömyyskassa is a unemployment fund for employees. You must be working as a salaried employee to join the fund and receive benefits from the fund.

You can join Terveydenhuoltoalan työttömyyskassa, if

  • you are a qualified heath care professional, social worker or student of these professions
  • you are an employee
  • you are under the age of 68 years


You must apply for membership of the fund in writing. How you send your application debends on whether you want to be a member of the unemployment fund only or also a member of a trade union.

Membership of the fund starts from the day your membership application arrives at the fund, provided that you are in paid employment on that day. If you ar not empoyed on the day your application arrives, membership of the fund will start on the first paid working day you have after the day your application arrived at the fund.

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