Receiving job alternation compensation requires e.g. 20 years of work history before the alternation leave. On this page you will also find the other conditions for alternation leave.

You can receive job alternation compensation from the fund, if you before the begining of the leave

  • have been working for at least 20 years. Only work carried out in Finland or in other EU or ETA contries are taken into account.
  • have been a member of a unemployment fund for at least 26 weeks (6 months) before your leave begins.  AND
  • have been a full-time employee with the same employer for at least 13 months before your leave begins. During these 13 months there can be a maximum of 30 days of unpaid absence or part-time work (working time less than 75 per cent of the maximum working hours).

The maximum of 30 unpaid calendar days aloso includes unpaid days of partial care leave for example, in situations where work is arraged so that you work 4 days a week and care leave is taken one day a week.

On job alternation leave, a job is considered to be full-time work if the working hours are more than 75% of the full-time work in that sector.

If you are not sure that you have been working within EU contries for at least 20 years, ask the fund to check your work history before you decide if / when you will start on job alternation leave.