WebKassa is an on-line-service of the unemployment fund of Social and Healthcare workers

As a member of the fund you can easily handle att matters realted to applying for benefits through WebKassa. In WebKassa you can also view all benefits that have been paid to you.

You can login to WebKassa by using Suomi.fi indentification.

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Application process time

We are currently processing applications that have arrived to unemployment fund 4.7.2024.
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Manual liftups

Taxation of benefits


The benefits paid by the unemployment fund (unemployment allowance, mobility allowance and alternation compensation) are not salary, and are therefore taxed differently from salary income.

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Transition security


Transition security is a service of the TE office for those whos employment is being terminated for production or financial reasons. From the beginning of 2023, the extended transition security intended for those over 55 came into effect.

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Terveydenhuoltoalan työttömyyskassa

By joining Terveydenhuoltoalan työttömyyskassa (the unemployment fund of Social and Healthcare workers) , you provide yourself with earnings-ralated unemployment security which is better than the basic security Kela pays. Joining an unemployment fund is like taking out an insurance againts unemployment.

Terveydenhuoltoalan työttömyyskassa does a lot of co-operation with trade union Tehy ry, but is a fully independent entity. You can be a member of Terveydenhuoltoalan työttömyyskassa even if you are not a member of any trade union.