Resignation from the unemployment fund must always be notified in writing. Resigning from a union does not automatically mean that your membership in the fund will also end.

Resignation from membership

If you are a member of both a trade union and the unemployment fund and you want to resign both, send a notification to your own union and inform them that you want to resign both the union and the fund. If you send to your union a notification where you mention only resigning the union, the membership of the fund will be maintained until we have ascertained from you whether you intention was to resign the fund as well.

Contact information for the unions can be found here.

If your are a member of the unemployment fund only, you can resign from the membership of the fund by sending the fund a message for example via WebKassa-service or by email.

Provide in the message the following information:
•    your name and birthday
•    the day on which you want your membership in the fund to end 

You can resign the membership of the fund also retroactively. If you resign from the fund retrospectively, the membership fees you have already paid for the retrospective period will not be refunded to you.

Expulsion from membership

You may be excluded from the membership of the unemployment fund, if
•    you haven't paid the membership fees of the fund
•    you have given false or misleading information when applying for the membership of the fund 
•    you have fraudulently misrepresented or concealed a factor affecting the receipt or amount of a benefit paid by the fund  
•    you have been a full-time entrepreneur for more than 18 months
•    you are 68 years old