Joining an unemployment fund is like taking out an insurance against unemployment. By joining an unemployment fund you can get bigger unemployment benefits than what Kela pays.

Conditions for membership

Terveydenhuoltoalan työttömyyskassa (the unemployment fund of social and healthcare workers) does a lot of co-operation with trade union Tehy ry, but is a fully independent entity. You can be a member of Terveydenhuoltoalan työttömyyskassa even if you are not a member of Tehy ry or any other trade union.

You can join Terveydenhuoltoalan työttömyyskassa, if

  • you are a qualified heath care professional, social worker or student of these professions
  • you are an employee
  • you are under the age of 68 years

You must apply in writing for membership in the fund. The membership can begin from the day your membership application arrives to the fund, provided that you are in paid employment that day.

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