The amount of mobility allowance is 35,72 € per day, i.e. about 700 € per month. Mobility allowance is a taxable benefit.

Mobility allowance can be paid with a child support supplement, which is paid for children under the age of 18. The amount of the child support supplement is 5,60 euros per day for one child, 8,23 euros per day for two children and 10,61 euros per day for three or more childrenion.

You can be paid an increased mobility allowance if your working place is located further than 200 kilometers away. The amount of the increased component is 5,08 € per day.

The amount of mobility allowance is not affected by the benefits deducted for your unemployment benefit or the home care allowance. The mobility allowance doesn't prevent you from receiving unemployment allowance, and does not affect the amount of unemployment benefit. Thus, the mobility allowance can be paid even if you accept a part-time employment during which you apply for adjusted unemployment allowance.


The mobility allowance is paid for a period of 30 - 60 days depending on the duration of your employment contract. The allowance period is not the same as the number of allowance days to be paid. The allowance is paid for 5 days per week (in practice from Monday to Friday), so the number of days to be paid varies.

Duration of employment Allowance period Number of days paid
at least 2 months 30 days 20 - 22 days
at least 3 months 45 days 31 - 33 days
at least 4 months 60 days 42 - 44 days


The duration of the allowance period is determined according to your first employment contract. If the employment contract is later continued under a new contract, the allowance period will not be extended. The allowance period is always fixed and it will not be extended even if the allowance is temporarily suspended due to an obstacle. Read more about the obstacles of payment.

When working part-time, the allowance is paid only for the days you have worked.