The payment date of unemployment allowance is determined by the date on which the application is processed.

Unemployment allowances are paid on every working day. The payment date of your allowance depends on the date your application is processed.

The date on which your application is processed is not the same as the date on which your application arrived at the fund. Only the follow-up applications of those who are fully unemployed will be processed as soon as possible. All other applications, such as the first application and follow-up application with working days, will be processed within two weeks of their arrival.

There is a notice of the status of application processing on our webpages. By following the notice, you will see when we are processing applications that have arrivered to the fund on the same day as you application. You can also follow the progress of your own application on "Application processing status" -page in the WebKassa -service.

You will see a notice of the payment day of your allowance on the front page of WebKassa -service as soon as your application has been processed, that is even before the actual payment date. If you have in your application given your mobile telephone number, a notification of an upcoming payment will be sent to you via SMS the day before the payment.

You can send the next follow-up application via WebKassa -service when the next application period has ended. Read more about application periods.