Unemployment Funds' Service Offering Expands

The Parliament has approved a legislative amendment that allows unemployment funds to offer new services to support their members' employment. Previously, funds could only pay statutory benefits such as earnings-related allowance, mobility allowance, and transition security allowance.

Providing these services is voluntary for unemployment funds, and they can determine their service offering independently. The services must support members' employment and may include, for example, job placement, information, counselling and guidance services, expert evaluations, or coaching. Participation in these services is voluntary for members, and opting out or discontinuing participation will not result in the loss of benefits or other sanctions. These employment services do not replace public, mandatory employment services.

Terveydenhuoltoalan työttömyyskassa intends to take advantage of the legislative amendment and offer employment-supporting services to its members. More detailed plans will be made in the fall when a survey regarding members' wishes and needs for services will be conducted. The goal is to create a service offering that meets the members' needs and helps them find new job opportunities. More information about the plans and the range of services will be published on the fund's website during the fall.