WebKassa is an on-line-service of the unemployment fund of Social and Healthcare workers. WebKassa is always open. You can login to WebKassa by using Suomi.fi indentification.

You can use WebKassa in english, in swedish or in finnish. You can choose your language before you login or change it on any page in WebKassa by using the 'FI-marker' in the upper right hand corner of the page.

The address for WebKassa is https://wkassa.tehytk.fi

Through WebKassa you can

  • fill in and send application for benefits
  • send attachmets files to application (in patches of 10)
    You can send files in pdf, jpg, jpeg, tiff, tif, png or gif -format. 
  • send messages to the fund
  • read all letters send to you by the fund
  • follow the handling status of you application
  • estimate the amount of your daily allowance (allowance counter)
  • view all benefits that have been paid to you

Please note that on every page of WebKassa there is information about that particular page under a ? Help -sign.

By using WebKassa you application arrives to the fund within a hour of sending it. If you send your application by mail, your application arrives to the fund (in most cases) four days after posting it.